I am writing this endorsement to help Commissioner Dennis Long retain his position as fire commissioner for Pacific County Fire District No. 1. I, too, am a member of PCFD1 and have been for nearly 11 years. For the past six-plus years I have been the volunteer representative to the board of fire commissioners. I represent the volunteers and have a vote as such.

Having said that, I have been to the monthly fire commissioners meetings on a regular basis and have witnessed Commissioner Long’s wisdom and the fresh set of ideas he has brought to the table. He was the C.E.O. of a local financial institution for many years and has a great track record.

He has taken it upon himself to complete 24-hour duty shifts to get an honest idea what the duty crews face each day. I commend him for that and the many other tasks he has undertaken as fire commissioner.

I am a believer that if something is working well, there is no need to fix it. You, the citizens of Pacific County are at the very top of our chain of command; This man’s sincere and honest dedication to his position has been very much appreciated. I felt it necessary to inform the top of our chain of command what an awesome addition Commissioner Long has been for PCFD1. I hope that you place your vote for Commissioner Long in this upcoming election. I would also invite any of you reading this to attend our meetings and see for yourself the great leadership PCFD1 has working for us all. The meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the PCFD1 community room on Ridge Avenue in Ocean Park.


PCFD1 Volunteer

Ocean Park

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