South Pacific Professional Firefighters’ Spouses are pleased to endorse Steve Kovach for Fire District #1 Commissioner.

As the spouses of your local firefighters, we feel that Mr. Kovach will not only be a great change from the current administration and asset to the taxpayers, but also to the crews that respond to your daily emergencies. Mr. Kovach has the experience necessary to be your fire commissioner. He will be fiscally responsible and do what is in the community’s best interest. Most of all, we believe he will be able to bring people together to better serve you.

Our husbands love what they do. They love being firefighters and serving their community. We support them fully. We had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Kovach and the incumbent to express our concerns about the issues our firefighters deal with daily. The staffing issues that are currently a hot topic amongst our local union firefighters have not only taken a toll on them, but on our families as well. Our husbands are consistently having to perform mandatory overtime, plus having to perform “on-call” shifts, which keep them away from home for days at a time. They come home stressed and exhausted. Three wives have had to quit their jobs so they could stay at home to take care of the children since their husbands are gone so often.

With PTSD issues rising among all first responders, we find it increasingly necessary to account for the mental health of our loved ones. The amount of stress they are currently being put under is unwarranted. The job itself brings an immeasurable amount of stress, but to have that stress added to by the very people who are supposed to lead and take care of them only adds insult to injury.

We feel Mr. Kovach has heard our voices and has taken these matters to heart. We believe Mr. Kovach will strive to make our fire district not only better, but a safer place to work. Our families are ready for change. Our firefighters deserve better. Steve Kovach will be that change.


On behalf of the South Pacific Professional Firefighters’ Spouses

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