I am writing this letter because of a vulgar flag that has recently been put up in my neighborhood.

I am a retired Oregon State University Fish and Wildlife research biologist. I reside in a quiet neighborhood with a mix of private and vacation homes. I get along with my neighbors and we all try to keep watch for each other. One neighbor has had an American flag flying for a couple of years that was pleasant to see every day. A Trump flag was put up under the American flag, which at first I thought was OK. They have an opinion, which we all do politically, and have the right to freedom of speech.

But right underneath the American flag, the Trump flag says at the bottom “f*** your feelings." This is not just a political statement; it is a hate statement — “f*** your feelings." There are frequently children playing in our neighborhood, families from out of town, too. I wonder what they think about this display of hate.

Flying a Trump flag with that message does not reflect well on the Trump campaign or the Republican Party. I can’t help but think that Trump’s actions have enabled this type of behavior by saying things at his rallies like “if they bother you, punch them in the face."

It is time to take our America back. Do your part to dump Trump and his rabid Republican supporters.



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