The Ocean Park Area Chamber receives calls and emails regarding what to do about the increasing problem of derelict vehicles and illegal encampments in our area. When I read the recent letter from Janet Armitage, I realized there are many residents uncertain of the best process to help make a change.

I have copied our most recent reply on the subject. The procedural information was gathered and shared by Village Club during the time Sheriff Scott Johnson and Code Enforcement Officer Tammy Engel worked together to successfully combat the problem. Both have moved on from their previous jobs, but the procedure to file a complaint remains the same.

From our email: There are steps you can do to make an official complaint to the Department of Community Development. That is the County Department that directs Code Enforcement efforts.

Here is a link to their page: Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see black rectangular box. In the center of this box, it says "Have a Concern?" There are two separate forms to click on — Public Comment/Concern Form and Junk Vehicle Affidavit Form. You should fill out both as best as you can. That gets their attention. A follow up call after you send in the forms is good too. All their contact info and hours are on this website.

Shawn Humphries is the director of DCD. If you feel you are not getting satisfaction, call or email him directly. It helps to always be professional, have the information at hand and be polite but firm. That usually gets the best results.

If you feel there is a possible public health concern regarding camping without proper facilities, check out the ordinances via this link: Public Health ordinances are the first section. Public Health and Human Services has been overwhelmed by extra work during the pandemic and their website is currently focused on that concern, but there are phone numbers on their Facebook page under "About."

Katie Lindstrom is the director of this department and she has done a stellar job during the pandemic. If you see public health concerns at these encampments, I would call their office and ask for direction.

Be aware there are certain steps that must be followed once a complaint has been filed. It is not an overnight process and the steps cannot be ignored!

And finally, if you have concerns of illegal or dangerous behavior going on, you should call the Pacific County Sheriff's Department and make a report. Here is a link to that website: There is a non-emergency number to use rather than 911.

Your first step is filing complaints on those DCD forms.

Hope this helps!


OPACC President

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