I read about our Congresswoman Jamie Herrera-Beutler in your recent publication. I would like to provide a different perspective about the congresswoman.

First, although she pretends to represent the district, how many times has she held meetings on the Long Beach Peninsula? I recently saw she was at the Ocean Beach Hospital but other than that, all she is doing is farming for votes during the election cycle. Where has she been?

Second, she claims to be part of the Republican Party yet she was one of only nine members of the House that did not support our president to protect our southern border! Has she not listened to the experts both from the current Trump administration and Obama administration that have strongly said we have a national emergency? We have a problem (yes, I have lived and worked near the southern border) with human trafficking, drugs and the cost to the country. If you look at the El Paso and San Diego regions with the wall built, it has significantly reduced the illegal crossings.

I can't understand why she pretends to be a Republican yet votes with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I can say that I have supported her in her bids for re-election but I can no longer provide my financial, campaign and vote support! I have told her office that I will work to assure her retirement in 2020.


Long Beach

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