Again, what an amazing community we have. If helping those in need is gauge of our community, then we are doing things right.

Many of you have already stepped up to the plate and donated to our three food banks even before the challenge got underway. But with all that has happened this year our food banks are seeing more people and a broader spectrum coming from financial hardships.

I understand all three food banks are on track to meet that match of $10,000 each if donations continue. But it still depends on all of us to see they do reach that goal and for that matter blow by it as they did last year. I had intentions of reporting the status but owing to the short time frame from Wednesday’s paper to this posting on Friday morning I would be giving out “phony baloney” numbers.

I find that writing a check to the food bank or all three as we do is giving yourself and family a gift. It’s the perfect gift, no one will return it, tell you it’s not the right size or Jimmy got a better and newer model. It’s a perfect gift to yourself, call it selfish if you want but that donation of time or money will leave you feeling good, can’t be any better than that. 

They say money can’t buy happiness. Well, in the form of a donation, it can. At least it’s better than buying that hard-boiled egg cracker. Remember that crazy thing, put a hard-boiled egg into it and “wack” the plunger down and you would have a peeled egg in seconds. I bought one of those egg wacky crackers for my wife years ago when they were a hot item. It lasted through one egg after Christmas, but let me tell you — when you hit that plunger all hell breaks loose. It’s the only year I only needed mayo and bread for a sandwich, since the egg portion was everywhere in the kitchen. So avoid that egg wacky gift and donate to a cause that you wouldn’t need to clean up after, and it's calorie free.

Thank you everyone for your support on this from myself and the Loren H. Corder Foundation.



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