This is not an endorsement for any candidates. It’s just some thoughts to consider before you vote.

While looking at the candidates for all Pacific County commissioners, ask yourself these questions: What elected officials balanced their budget by having huge property tax increases? Who added a tax on the dollar amount per dollar for your property tax to support ridding the county of noxious weeks? Who is telling you give more money to get rid of what you should think is noxious? Who is a part of the good ol’ boys network? Who is writing letters of support and believes everything above is OK?

District 19 — Who voted for millions of dollars for the oyster industry to study oysters? At the same time the governor cut millions from several programs, he did not cut that. Who believes in dumping poisons into the estuaries in their district? Did anyone work for the lumber companies and have anything to do with spraying chemicals?

Just like America’s decided that the status quo in Washington, D.C was wrong, we need to ask ourselves why. Do we have appointment people in office forever? Try something new. Someone that will worry about their constituents and not the few. Someone who knows chemicals cause endocrine disruption no only cancer. Let the sport fishermen and crabbers use our waters knowing everything is not tainted. Get rid of the noxious weed board and the employees driving around in airboats. Balance the budget by ridding the deadbeat jobs. Support police and schools.

(All the donation info can be Googled.)



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