And now the Goblin King has preempted a new conflict in the Mideast from the comfort and safety of his own golf course, while choosing to bypass Congress; opting instead to consult his son-in-law. He approaches this grave undertaking with all the deliberation you would accord a good game of Whack-A-Mole at an arcade.

Few agree this choice reflects a wise military strategy but it certainly provides an effective distraction from impeachment procedures. Also, without spending a dime from his own coffers, the Potus has created a campaign stunt that excites his supporters. The T-shirt possibilities stagger the imagination.

To give the current Potus a pass on his endless deranged, profane, illegal, immoral and irresponsible behaviors on the basis of a strong economy deserves some scrutiny.

President Obama inherited an economy that had gone from a surplus to the brink of failing under George W. Bush and built it to a robust standing over the next eight years in spite of an obstructionist opposing party.

Trump inherited that healthy economy from the Obama administration and proceeded to run up the national debt to unprecedented level, cut or eliminate taxation of the wealthy and has now begun a war with unlimited future costs; not only financial but to life, the environment and property.

There is a price to be paid in ignoring the ravages of climate change. How is it possible to turn a blind eye to the reality of replacing livable habitats for those displaced here and abroad by fires, flood, drought and tornadoes? And anyone trying to survive without clean air, water or arable land will not lose much sleep over the challenges of Christmas shopping.

We must continue to hope that our better angels will prevail in November. There is so much at stake, now and forever.


Long Beach

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