Recently, I heard the sad news of the retirement of Sue Herman at Oceanfront Getaways. I have rented from her for more than eight years. I love Long Beach, Wash.; I consider it my second home. But recently on my birthday, Dec. 9, I got the sad news that your county was trying to eliminate vacation rentals by individuals or companies.

I can tell you I wouldn’t drive 12 hours just stay in a cookie cutter hotel. I come to Long Beach to stay in a home. They’re not eyesores, they’re not problems, they’re not slums or problems. But I understand that county leaders are pushing to get rid of them. How sad!

Vista Del Mar, the condominium that I stayed in, was a fantastic place. It was immaculately kept and the grounds were spotless.

Why are the hotels in your area afraid of the competition? Do you folks want to see all your beachfront property filled with cookie cutter hotels? That’s what’s happening in California and I’m afraid that’s what’s going to happen to your area. I guess my $50 I spend at the local bakery or the $500 I spend at the local supermarket or the $300-$400 I spend your local mama-papa restaurants doesn’t matter. Does it mean anything to your city and county leaders?

It was the highlight of my year to come to Long Beach. I would save all year long to come to your area. I had planned on spending the month of October this year. But because of covid-19 I wasn’t able to. I had planned on spending a month in 2021. But I guess I won’t be. Without the vacation rentals, I won’t be coming back. So I’m sorry to say goodbye to Long Beach, Wash.

JIM WILSON and Flip (my dog)

Redding, Calif

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