It’s Patriot Day and I want to end a pointless brawl.

Recent Observer letter-writers (July 10, July 17, Aug. 21, Aug. 28) castigated me as an unpatriotic, disgusting, America-bashing, immigrant-lover, who is “hanging out in the wrong crowd.” (Picky, picky!)

The titanic contempt of those troubled ladies, presumably lecturing me on patriotism and immigration, prompted them to urge me to leave the country, prompting me to suggest a Brexit — a Brake exit.

My calculated mortgage pay-off, monthly expenses, moving costs, mental care for all concerned, and miscellaneous expenses would be a mere $276,000.

A troubled ladies’ successful GoFundMe venture would remove me for a year to Norway, Trump’s favorite nearly-all-white country, where I could enjoy majestic fjords and luscious lutefisk, temper the troubled ladies’ travail, and send them my specially composed manifesto on freedom of speech.

The First Amendment is obviously a H-U-G-E concern of America’s “very stable genius,” who cherishes freedom of speech, a free press, and the right to petition the government and declare dissent.

Seriously: The troubled ladies should stop pretending that Trump has a moral compass.

Reality check: Those troubled ladies, lecturing me on patriotism and immigration, are not role models.

Reality check: When you make a stand, trying to be heard, hate can come quickly.

Reality check: I’m a lifelong patriot, struggling to make America better, and I’ll remain an aggressive opponent of the horrific Trump administration’s cruel practices of racism, caging of immigrants, deportation of sick children, and punishment of the poor and those pesky Puerto Ricans.

Reality check: The troubled ladies’ “Love it or Leave it” stipulation is a flippant ploy promulgated by polarized partisans to dismiss opinions or facts they find offensive — instead of debating them on their merits.

Reality check: As a proud descendant of penniless immigrants, I abhor the troubled ladies’ “My way or the Highway” insistence.

But I still hope my Brexit proposal propels an immediate, lucrative GoFundMe launch.

And I do mean immediate — since I need to visit the Oslo City Hall on Oct. 11 to pick up my Nobel Peace Prize.

P. S. Thanks to Joe and Charlotte Paliani for their Aug. 4 letters of support


Ocean Park

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