To paraphrase Roosevelt, “Jan. 6, 2021: A date that will live in infamy.”

The riots at the Capital and the ensuing chaos and five deaths lie directly at the feet of Donald Trump and his Republican enablers.

Donald Trump must be impeached, if only to prevent him from ever being the President of the United States again. Trump, a demented narcissist, who continues to deny reality, must be prevented from ever achieving the exalted position which he in now occupies.

Let’s be straight: this was an attempted coup. Trump instigated it, supported it, and refused to condemn those who participated. While he hid in the White House, rioters breached Congress and threatened senators and representatives with violence; attacked police; and destroyed property.

For that alone, Trump does not ever deserve to be president again. His words and actions do have consequences and they were fully demonstrated on Jan. 6. He continues to claim fraud in the elections that multiple courts have thrown out and dismissed for lack of evidence. There was no fraud.

To continue this fantasy by both Trump and his supporters is, in one word: sedition.

My wife and I are both combat veterans (I, Vietnam, she, Desert Storm). We don’t understand how anyone that has served our country and placed their own lives in danger (voluntarily), could possibly support a man who just attempted a coup. And continues to spout dangerous rhetoric that supports more violence and still insists that he won the election.

Republicans are directly responsible for much of this with their continued support for Trump. In fact, anyone who continues to support someone who wants to overthrow a democracy, is just as responsible as the politicians that enabled someone of this caliber.

I don’t know what to do about the millions of Americans who have been duped by Trump — the greatest con man since P.T. Barnum. We can only hope they come to their senses and see what their “hero” really is.

The bottom line is: Donald Trump must be held responsible for this attempted coup.



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