The beads are out for the natives again. It's a shame memories are short; and irony unnoticed. The last time Long Beach dealt with Seaview property owners is the true reveal. In the froth of City Hall's reeling in millions of federal dollars for an anticipated Lewis and Clark tourism boom, many Seaview property owners woke up one day to Long Beach's solid-waste tanker truck chugging through their front dunes. The city quickly photographed the tracks as evidence of an 'existing road;' very soon Seaview owners received threatening letters of legal condemnation — from a town they did not even live in!

How do you fight somebody else's City Hall? With a lawyer. One owner had the funds sufficient to do so; while all other properties were taken with token compensation of $0-500; a judge ruled fairer value for his comparable frontage being bisected and paved was rather in the several tens of thousands of dollars.

Did Long Beach subsequently fairly pay any of the others? I'll leave that as a "guess." In a succession of managers from Nabiel Shawa, followed by Seaside's former city manager, and since David Glasson, Long Beach City Hall has had burning ambition to rival Seaside, Oregon.

The irony they themselves benefit from in attracting tourists is that their destination is buffered by remarkable open spaces, and quiet places that are NOT Seaside. Nor can this Peninsula handle the traffic in and out flow similarly. None of this can they see in front of their face; yet they themselves have proven — by their own visitors now transversing the Discovery Trail — that our quiet, preserve community next door is in fact a huge benefit exactly left as it is.

Both communities are vital to each other; neither is superior to the other. An honest look would show it's in both interests to remain separate. I don't know who in Seaview would be as gullible as the natives awhile back in Manhattan.

James Tongue


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