Regarding Mr. J.B. Bouchard’s Aug. 28 letter on Second Amendment rights, he expresses dismay and despair that gun laws will never change into something more modern and safer for our times. His ideas seem reasonable and appropriate for our modern world, where we are greeted with weekly mass shootings by individuals angry at the world for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, our government is paralyzed and unable to respond to the many mass senseless killings across the country. What it would take to do what Mr. Bouchard wants is — we must elect a new government that desires to work with the NRA and other special interest groups. Even the NRA would agree that all legal gun owners should support taking guns out of the hands of those who would misuse them or shouldn’t own them. These few individuals give all gun owners a bad name. Vote in a new government in the executive office, Senate and House, and do so because they are committed to changing the Second Amendment to read as Mr. Bouchard has suggested; that one rifle (not semi-automatic), one shotgun and one revolver or pistol is all that can be legally owned. Limit the number of bullets each gun can hold.

The Second Amendment could be rewritten to read as follows: “The Government hereby eliminates all existing and future military style semi-automatics by attrition. Grandfathering in the entire stock of weapons already in civilian hands until the deaths of the owners, then buying the guns from the family for police or for military use. Buy back the semi autos that members of the public willingly wish to get rid of today. All sales of military style weapons and high capacity magazines would thenceforth be banned.”

No one who owns one wants to see any firearms misused. Everyone would like to feel safe and protected. Society simply needs to be convinced that people will not be disarmed by the government with impunity, and that a just and new government would ensure that that second amendment rights are guaranteed. If the government acts on Mr. JB Bouchard’s ideas, society may become safer with fewer mass shootings. Perhaps it’s time to explore rewriting the Second Amendment to design and better adapt it to our modern day. Thank you.


Ocean Park

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