Open letter to U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler:

As one of your constituents, I am dismayed that you consider the impeachment inquiry a “farce." You ask for the facts to be “in plain view” and yet every day you are witness to the incompetence and danger posed by this presidency.

I understand that you are pleased with the president’s federal court appointments, his tax breaks to benefit the wealthiest of Americans, and his wall to separate families. This comes at the price of national integrity and at times our national security. As an evangelical friend once told me, be careful when you get the devil to do your work — there’s always hell to pay.

There appears to be blind support of an administration that undermines our allies and ignores human rights struggles in places like Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Russia.Although the administration supports tyrants around the globe and purposefully divides our nation, your office makes no response or concerns from your office.Does this mean you support or are complicit with these policies?

We are unraveling as a nation. Trump's empty promises impoverish our farmers with tariffs, strip medical care from the majority of citizens, and threaten civil discourse by branding entire groups as “enemies of the people."

You have a front row seat to what must have crossed your mind as an unfit presidency and a danger to the republic. And you say nothing. You witness our military as it reels from tweet to tweet. We abandon allies who fought and died side-by-side with our soldiers. And yet, you are silent. You watch as a shadowy foreign policy is conducted outside the accountability of the U.S. State Department and you call an inquiry into such matters a “farce.”

Representative, JAMIE HERRERA BEUTLER you are my voice in these troubled times. Begin to ask questions about the future of unchecked power. Be suspect of an administration that chokes the very air of civility. Please speak out when your conscience knows our democracy is gasping for breath.

You and I know the answer to the age-old question of what happens when good people witness bad things and do or say nothing. What happens when a third of the nation wants to do harm to another third of the nation, while the remaining third does nothing? This is our time to speak out against a corrupt, self-serving, incompetent administration. Please join me.



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