The July 10 Letter to the Editor by David Ryan concerning the ongoing controversy of fireworks on the beach deserves attention. He mentions that the overwhelming majority of residents want to see the number of displays reduced. I agree wholeheartedly, and apparently the findings of the Not a Ban, a Better Plan support that assessment. I suspect the reason that our local representatives have not acted is because no one has even started the legislative process that is necessary to change the law. And when/if it is changed, it would take a year, by law, before it is enacted. Maybe someone should take up that challenge.

A Better Plan has done a fantastic job of educating and organizing the week-long event, and has lessened the impact considerably. However, I think it would be, for all the reasons stated by Mr. Ryan, much easier to manage if it encompassed just three days, with the exception of four-day weekends like next year. That would also make it much easier for the residents to endure, and maybe there would be less bickering and more enjoyment of the colorful celebration. Dogs, cats and all wildlife would join me in supporting such a measure.

As for Mr. Ryan's solution of having the economic benefits enjoyed by the business community be shared with the residents, with a yearly $1,000 payment, I suspect he had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. No amount of money would entice me to sit back and watch our local environment, which both Mr. Ryan and myself work hard to preserve, take what would be a sanctioned beating.

I left the Better Plan group because I didn't think it went far enough. Maybe now is the time to test the legislative waters.


Ocean Park

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