This is a “shout out” to Mrs. Doom and Gloom Cate Cable. Seems to me, Cate, most everything you talk about in the Observer is 98% doom and gloom. Let’s take this week’s issue of the Observer. Let’s look at the front page if you will: “After the Smoke Clears." A car burned up, some kid blew some of his hand off, some guy rear-ended a reserve sheriff’s car. Cate, please turn to page 8. That shows people enjoying the day. Family get togethers, flags in the air — good times. Too bad you missed it. Look on page A11. Good times again, you probably missed it.

Hey Cate, get out your issue of the Willapa Harbor Herald. “4th of July provides uneventful.” I quote, “law enforcement and fire departments are saying the 4th of July and the following weekend remained on the uneventful side.” Y

ou see, Cate, it was a good time. Too bad you are dubbed, “Mrs. Doom and Gloom” of the Long Beach Peninsula. Anyways, try and see the good in things, not always the bad.



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