Newton's Third Law of Physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the context of what happened at our nation's capital on Wednesday, Jan. 6, Newton's Law must also apply. There can be no escape of consequences because some cheek turners think that given Donald Trump's remaining time in office — now just a handful of days — it is more prudent to to let five people lie dead and proceed post haste to get the nation back on track without dredging through the seditious actions of our soon to be non-president.

If the most that can be done is to impeach him for a second time, so be it. Hopefully, when he's out of office, the full force of the law determines he should suffer a legal penalty, I will be happy. If, however, cheek turners prevail, what does that convey to subsequent office holders? Can there be another Law of Physics that stipulates if one waits until the last minute to strike, there will be no consequences? I sure hope not.

The time it takes to restore our position as a nation that inspires others must be taken. To proceed now with a business as usual mindset because those who think they own us are losing money will only take us further away from living in the country we were taught we are.



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