As everyone has probably heard there has been a price increase at the pool. I have been enjoying the pool for five years now and it has really helped my health issues. I realize the need for an increase but I believe a 125% is very unreasonable.

The membership fee went from $283 a year to free for a year to $240 a year with eight free swims a month. The new increase eliminates the quarterly membership and now is $45 for 10 swims. It will now cost over $500 a year for anyone going and does not cover five days a week. Based on a four-week month, that is 20 days a month and we would only have 18 days usage.

The new rates now make the pool the most expensive form of exercise on the peninsula. The Senior Center offers exercise classes for $1. They are able to offer these due to grants they receive. Snap24 Fitness membership is $42 per month and they accept insurance. If we lived in an area where there is a YMCA they charge $35 month and accept insurance. Pacific County is one of the poorest in the state. Many residents on the peninsula are retired and some are disabled. This new increase makes it unaffordable to many.

I believe the increase should be more reasonable. They should also start accepting insurance (a lot of Medicare supplements include gym memberships) or get some grants like the Senior Center. They should also have a scholarship program for the disabled (they did in the past) for people who can’t afford the new rate. Thank you for your support in the past, but in the future, I will be joining one of the exercise classes at the Senior Center two days a week until the pools rates become more reasonable.


Ocean Park

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