We have been affiliated with Dennis Long for over 20 years. We have known him to be a driven, dedicated, and caring person. Pacific County Fire District No. 1 needs to retain Dennis as their commissioner based on many factors.

Factor 1. Accountability:

Dennis was the CEO of the Bank of the Pacific for 18 years and during the tumultuous economic times in the 2000s. While hundreds of small banks closed, he steered the Bank of the Pacific through rough waters, guiding the bank with continued with continued stability. He worked tirelessly to ensure the bank would be successful. His expertise in revenues and expenses makes him especially invaluable to the continued success of the fire district.

Factor 2. Empathy:

Dennis cares about all employees from top to bottom as demonstrated by his good listening skills and undying support of the employees who are the backbone of any organization he works with. Ask his employees from the bank and they talk about his concern for them and their families, earning him much deserved respect.

Factor 3. Reliability:

When Dennis commits to an endeavor, he is 100% in. He educates himself and researches the ins and outs of the organization to make himself the best possible leader. He always follows through.

Factor 4. Commitment to the community:

With 22 years of residency in Pacific County, Dennis is no newbie to the concerns and needs of the community. He has volunteered his time as a board member with the Rotarian Club and Foundation. The local Kite Museum benefited from his membership on its board and he was instrumental in its success. With his knowledge of our community, he already has a solid base to continue to be an outstanding commissioner. There will be no catching up for him. He is already ahead.

Upon reading October 16, 2019 Chinook Observer, we were surprised to hear from Steve Kovach that there was no labor contract for the employees. We called the fire chief. He clarified it was a false statement. There is a collective bargaining contract through Dec. 31, 2019.

If you want a commissioner to keep the fire district financially stable while at the same time listening to the concerns of the employees and volunteers, Dennis is your person. If finances go sideways, there will be less services and everyone loses. It is important to be on top of what works and what does not work. And remember, there is a contract!


Long Beach

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