The Washington Legislature controlled by the Democrats is trying to pass a law that will charge drivers a tax based on the amount of miles you drive. That is an intrusion into your personal life and just another way for the Democrats to steal our money.

We currently pay the third highest fuel taxes in the country and now they want more. What’s next? Will they demand parents pay more taxes by the number of children they send to public schools? Why not, they already have an established cost of each student in public schools, so if you have four kids in school, why not pay extra? What will they tax next — a horse or pet goat tax for adding methane gas into the atmosphere?

They tried to pass the carbon tax on power companies and oil and gas companies, but it failed so now they will attack the drivers of the state. Stop the Democrats in the state legislature now. Demand they stop monitoring our personal lives, we don’t want big brother spying on us.


Ocean Park

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