My favorite letter writer has got to be Robert W. Bonney, because he never fails to brighten my day. Other writers are always so serious, but not Bob — he always goes for the laughs. For example, in his last letter he mentions the "63 million blips" whom he claims gave Donald Trump and Mike Pence their jobs. Of course the joke is that almost 3 million more other "blips" said they didn't want them. He's such a prankster!

He missed an opportunity to go for a major belly-laugh by not pointing out how a whole bunch of his 63 million blips apparently had changed their minds in the recent midterm election and decided that maybe Donald and his gang were not going in the right direction, and opted for change.

Another rib-tickler was Donald's government shutdown because they wouldn't give him enough money to buy enough Legos to build his wall.

Bob, keep up the good work — you're one funny guy.


Ocean Park

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