I wish to express my opposition to the proposed Seaview annexation. Statements from fellow citizens, and letters to the editor of this paper have eloquently expressed the historical significance of, a love for, and the desire to retain the identity of this special place on the Long Beach Peninsula.

The annexation issue brings with it significant concerns regarding the future of this community. Advocates for annexation would have us believe there will be no significant changes, specifically no future development in the proximity of, or within the dunes. We have also been assured that various services will remain the same, and no undue financial burden will be placed on Seaview property owners.

Contrary to readily available evidence reported elsewhere, and even assuming statements from advocates are made in good faith, we have no way to predict the future. This uncertainty should arouse strong suspicions and by itself serve as adequate reason to oppose annexation.

My wife and I have owned two properties in Seaview. Our goal has been, and always will be to maintain the structural integrity and character of our home, respecting its heritage and importance to this special place. It was our promise to previous owners, and remains our expectation of future occupants of these treasures. The objective to keep, maintain and preserve community character is of the highest priority for those who call Seaview their home. As with other Seaview residents, we would never knowingly sell to anyone who might possibly violate that trust.

At 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 29 a meeting will be held at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, 115 Lake St. SE, Ilwaco for the purpose of providing information, answering questions and engaging in discussion regarding annexation. Residents, property owners, and friends of Seaview are encouraged to attend.

I believe that removing Seaview’s identity as an important participant in the Long Beach Peninsula community will diminish the character of the entire area and ask you to support all efforts to keep Seaview as it is. Seaview should remain Seaview.



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