The Democrats of Pacific County had a Zoom meeting on July 18. Carol Ham (503-468- 8300, is the secretary. Six candidates spoke.

Pam Hickey is running for PUD commissioner position 2. She said she is well versed in money areas, with vast experience running a business and a water district. She said she will work to protect our local industries and farmers.

Frank Wolfe is running for re-election to commissioner for district 2. He said he is committed to public safety, public health and a balanced budget. He said he is dedicated to maintaining local industries and farmers. Wolfe is involved in combating climate change, funding for local parks and bringing broadband to Pacific County.

Darrell Moudry is running for county commissioner position 1. He has worked with local seafood businesses and was a fisherman. He said he is interested in public health and safety. He said he likes to be proactive and does his homework before making decisions. Moudry said he will support local industries and farming, fight climate change and bring jobs to our community.

Clint Bryson is running for state legislature position 1. Bryson said he has spent his whole life serving the public. He is interested in1 health care, a living wage and job opportunities. He said he is interested in our local industries and farming. He is a union member and has been endorsed by many unions and labor organizations.

Brian Blake is running for re-election to Washington state representative position 2. He is on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, the Business and Finance Services Committee, and the Commerce and Gaming Committee. He said he has been working on dredging the ports of Chinook and Ilwaco; mental health facilities; a living wage; to protect local industries; and to protect natural resources.

Dean Takko is running for re-election as a state senator. He said he is working for health care, jobs, to protect local businesses, and for our natural resources. Takko is on the Local Government Committee, the Tribal Relations and Elections Committee, and the Transportation Committee.

A list of endorsements has been sent to the Chinook Observer.

Carol Ham mentioned there are still PCO positions which need to be filled. The Democrats will discuss holding candidate forums on Zoom and how to recruit more young people at their next meeting.



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