I have lived most of my life in Long Beach. Wonderful people, great life pace, love it. I have lived through many different mayors and councils. I didn’t always agree with everything they did or wanted to do, but I don’t think they forgot those of us who live in Long Beach.

The mayor and council we have now seems to have forgotten the permanent residents. All I have seen lately are projects that seem to benefit the tourist industry. Don’t get me wrong — I do know we need that revenue. I just think that the city needs to take care of their citizens a bit better. What have they done for the citizens in the last few years? They just keep raising the cost of all our utilities. Why? They spend thousands on things that don’t do anything for the population.

Around a year and a half ago the council put on an increase of sales tax to support roads. This was supposed to go into a separate account for roads only, and not into the general fund. To date no roads have been repaired.

Now in the beginning of this year the council has decided to raise water 3%, sewer 4%, stormwater 5% and utilities from 6% to 9%. Keep in mind we have never had tax on garbage before. How dare they tax my garbage! Why tax garbage from a private company?

Now in the article in the Chinook Observer dated Oct. 9, they want to increase the street and stormwater fee. As long as I have lived here, 45 years, none of the councils have done anything about the water or roads and never ever saved anything to defray any costs.

The thousands of dollars the city spends on things?? I keep wondering where the dollars are coming from? They just keep spending, without any public explanations. $100,000 dollars for “Discovery to Bay Trail planning.” Really! They need that much money to plan something? I want that job. I thought we needed to fix our sewer system?

I could go on and on. I just think the council is not paying attention to what they are spending. It’s just too much. I can’t afford this. Look at the 2019 budget. Can you afford all that? My vote on the fee increases is no. The council needs to redo the budget with the residents in mind. You have money to work with.

The council advises us to come to the meetings but once the business starts citizens are not allowed to speak or ask questions. You have three minutes or so before the meeting then no more comments, you have to make arrangements ahead of time to speak. If there is no time for public rebuttal it is pointless to go to meetings.


Long Beach

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