During the challenges being faced by each of us in these most trying of times, one might expect that circumstances would require handling various situations at the lowest, most understanding and least-cost level possible. It is most unfortunate that this is not my current situation.

I am a local U-Haul dealer. I am also the only U-Haul dealer open on the Peninsula under the Essential Services Provision. We are doing our absolute best to protect our staff and each and every customer we serve.

Remaining open has presented us with extreme parking demands above and beyond normal operating ranges. We have attempted to meet this parking dilemma by renting local property, parking on the street and using an adjoining lot purchased for additional parking purposes.

Our efforts to date have only resulted in an attack by our Long Beach mayor. Rather than resolve this situation, which is temporary, by mutually acceptable means, our mayor has expended city funds for a legal opinion on parking-enforcement regulations. Rest assured, we do respect all rules, regulations and codes including enforcement thereof.

Research has now disclosed that our mayor has also selectively picked us out for enforcement while other commercial business establishments within the city of Long Beach continue to openly utilize public resources for commercial purposes.

I now must ask what has happened to uniform enforcement within the city of Long Beach? Do we need to have an elected official that personally selects those that need to comply with rules? Do we need any authority figure that wastes public funds during extreme financial hardship times for all?

My answer is certainly not.

Is now the time for a recall vote of an elected official or just simply ask for a resignation due to what I would consider malfeasance?


Long Beach

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