One is not required to live within Seaview in order to appreciate its unique beauty and character. My husband and I are among those who hope Seaview's current status will be protected and that annexation with the city of Long Beach will not take place.

That being said, as Long Beach residents, it appears that some Seaview property owners need some reassurance! Please be advised that quite a few of us can actually read, use cutlery efficiently and have long had access to indoor plumbing.

It happens that our families have been enjoying beach visits to the Long Beach area throughout our lifetimes. Never did we aspire to interloper status, waiting for that right moment to pounce and compromise the elite, classy Seaview experience.

I believe that Seaview and Long Beach can continue to co-exist and compliment each other. In doing so, this section of the Peninsula has so much to offer both residents and visitors: a glimpse into a priceless history that is sustained with dedicated stewardship.

We also need to value a thriving tourist economy and culture that provides joyous, nostalgia involving kites, ice cream and merry-to-round music.

Viva la difference!


Long Beach

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