As the son of an undocumented immigrant and of a bipolar second-generation American, I feel in a position to use both terms — undocumented and bipolar. Having already written about the former, I think it's past time for me to refer to the latter.

The City of Long Beach is bipolar, if one may use a word from the Psychiatric DVM, not for an individual but for a political entity.

At one and the same time, it lowers its huge flags to commemorate the mass death of the past spring and summer, both those of covid and those in Afghanistan, a practice none of the other entities on the Peninsula follow, and freely invites all, including maskless crowds and motor-roaring Trumpistas waving F*** Biden flags, to visit and spend freely in its tourist shops.

Simultaneously, it insists both on having a sensitive, responsive police force and hiring a new police officer fired in Seattle because he openly espoused assassinating such public officials as former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So it seems Long Beach has no qualms about hiring an officer fired in Seattle to "keep the peace," whether visitors are Trumpists, Bidenites, or of any other persuasion.

I would ask "What are they thinking?" but that would be redundant. As I know too well from my own (late) father, bipolarity has no fixed logic. I guess that's why they call it a form of insanity.


Ocean Park

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