Please join us in voting for Dennis Long for Pacific County Fire District No. 1 commissioner.

Dennis, now retired, was Bank of the Pacific president for many years. With his leadership and experience he helped the BOP grow in the Pacific Northwest, even through the turbulent years of a recession. With his leadership, last year Dennis led the fire district (with community, employees and stakeholders input) through the critical process of developing a long-term strategic plan — the fire district’s roadmap for the future. His financial experience can help guide the fire district, which is primarily funded through Medicare reimbursement and our local taxes. Working collaboratively with the other commissioners, Dennis understands the importance of planning and budgets in order to make wise decisions that assure that our fire district is sustainable for the future. Working as a team, the commissioners have the job of navigating many difficult choices.

Dennis cares deeply about the people who live here and really cares about serving this community. He is and has been an active member of many community organizations and his church — donating his time and resources for others. Dennis is approachable and pragmatic. He has taken the time to educate himself on the nuances of the fire district and has even taken the time to ride along with the EMTs to understand the important and difficult job that they do.

Dennis was appointed to serve and is being supported by both of his fellow commissioners, which is a testament to his ability to listen to others and be a team player.

We urge you to vote for Dennis Long for Pacific County fire commissioner. You should have received your mail in ballot recently, so no matter who your candidate is, or what you vote for, your vote really counts.


Long Beach

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