OK to not wear mask in my store?

I recently did some business in a local store in Seaview that I frequent from time to time. As I entered the front door I noticed that two individuals who had preceded me were not wearing covid masks. Two signs were posted on both doors that stated clearly that wearing masks were mandatory as required by the State of Washington, specifically the governor. This has been well publicized and is no secret — at least over a year old now.

When I mentioned this to the employee, who was at the counter, she said it was of no concern to her and that she wasn't a policeman. I told her that she didn't need to be a cop to let them know that this was store policy. I was then told in abrupt and terse terms that it was as her boss had told her to pretty much ignore the face masks on or off, even though the signs were posted outside.

Then why even bother to post them? Clearly the store owner was only filling a requirement with these in order to keep his doors open. If every business owner had this same attitude up and down the Peninsula, soon very few if any of them would be able to stay open. What about the real issue here which is to limit the spread of the virus by all means humanly possible, or just to say the hell with it and roll the dice. Hum... I wonder were we all heard that kind of rhetoric here recently? Masks for all in 2022,23?



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