I am voting for Joel McEntire for Legislative District 19 Position 2. I have met Joel and have read of his policies and background. He would be a perfect representative for Pacific-Wahkiakum counties.

We all have good friends in the Democrat party. Fine people — when they are home. Claudia Balducci, chairperson of Sound Transit [King/Snohomish/Pierce] System Expansion Committee, expressed it best for us in rural counties: "I have always questioned why it was fair and OK for our [whole] state to roll back the taxes that the region voted for itself." (Oct. 15 Seattle Times). (Actually, Snohomish and Pierce also voted to roll back taxes — leaving only King County demanding higher taxes.)

This defines the whole problem. Urban Seattle/King County narcissistically and continually votes against the wishes of the rest of the state.

Pacific County has a population density of 22 people per square mile. Seattle has a population density of 8,000 people per square mile! The issues facing Pacific County are completely different from Seattle, yet Seattle makes the rules for Pacific County?

For us, salmon comes in streams. For them, salmon comes in cans.

With the exception of Jim Walsh, legislators from our area have historically supported us at home and then joined the Seattle cabal opposing us in Olympia.

Joel McEntire absolutely will not join the Seattle coterie and will always support the interests and values of Pacific County.


South Bend

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