I could both agree and disagree with last week’s column crying out for civility in the world. One man’s version of “Our America is sick” is another man’s version of "The business of America is finally going in the right direction." Please let it be known that the referenced Trump/Pence “blip” it alleges is not a blip, and really is not about them at all. Instead it is the voice of 63 million people who put them there to do a particular job — a job and direction they felt in the best interest of the US of A.

I will say that was the nicest, most civil bash of 63 million voters I’ve heard in a long time, and brings to mind a related topic:

Whether or not our liberal friends like our homeland being protected, we do, and we take it seriously. Homeland security is of utmost importance to us and takes first priority over all other issues. The rest of the world is not going to cut us any slack whatsoever if we falter, and we have in many ways. Economic and cyber discord are major modern threats, and remind me of the expression "death by a thousand cuts." Why did Egypt, Persia and Rome fall?? Because they weren’t paying attention.

For the first time in a generation we have a president who is essentially concerned about exactly that. All his efforts are going to exactly that. America first. Prosperity means strength, strength protects freedom. And he’s bandaging up some of those cuts using peace through strength.

A culmination of poor trade deals, trade imbalances, predatory trade practices, choking regulation, and I’ll throw in poor nuclear deals (Iran) manifested itself during the Obama years. America was long becoming a bedroom community to the rest of the world, losing manufacturing and general economic strength. Democrats are incapable of making good decisions for governing the business of our country, all they’re interested in are social issues and give away the rest. While they continue to look inward, the rest of us (63M) blips will continue to look at the big picture.

Think of the USA as your car, and if you don’t maintain it and put gas in the tank it will stop dead. There are no USA dealerships to buy a new USA, so you better maintain the one you have. All that our liberal friends can do is put pettier issues first and reap benefits while tearing it down. Reminds me of those who reap electricity in their homes while damning the generating facilities.



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