The members of the Finnish American Folk Festival (FAFF) and the Naselle Community Center (NCC) would like to express our sincere appreciation to those people who have made generous donations to keep NCC afloat. Your response to the Naselle Community Center article (Chinook Observer, March 24, 2021) has been quite encouraging.

We are currently planning a modified-occupancy reopening concert and other activities in the near future. We will, of course, abide by all of the state requirements to safely reopen. Your health and safety, as well as your activity enjoyment, are of paramount importance to us.

During this time of closure, our insurance, heating, and other expenses continue. We encourage you to provide further donations to sustain this valuable community resource.

You may donate directly to FAFF and note “NCC” on your check. The FAFF address is PO Box 156, Naselle, WA 98638. Alternatively, you may donate by credit card through the South Pacific County Community Foundation ( by clicking on the blue “DONATE” button on their website, then scrolling down to the NCC fund, and following the instructions. Additionally, we encourage you to consider making a reoccurring donation; or even supporting NCC by donating a vehicle, which you would otherwise trade or sell, by phoning CARS at 855-500-7433. As SPCCF considers NCC’s needs to be “critical,” 100% of that which is donated goes to NCC.

We thank you very much for your continued support.


NCC Subcommittee

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