Mr. Robert Brake refers to open discussion between people with differing political opinions as a pointless brawl. Does that mean that editorials that do not agree with his political belief have no point? Our (the ladies) intent was not to urge or demand that you leave the country, but to suggest that you go somewhere in which you can be more comfortable, since living in America appears to cause you anger and stress.

Trump has a moral compass that points directly to his concern for America. He is the only president we have had who says what he thinks and does what he believes to be right without any concern for political correctness. He is not the one who said, "all the security after 9/11 is overly dramatized just because someone did something." Three thousand innocent Americans lost their lives.

He appointed a supreme justice who is not in favor of Roe v. Wade, which no other president had the moral compass to do.

I agree that you have every right to be heard. Speak to your state's senators or representatives. That would be more productive than labeling editorial debates as pointless brawls.

I look forward to Oct. 11 when you pick up your Nobel Peace Prize.


Long Beach

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