The rumors of quaint residential Seaview being annexed by the tourist-dollar-driven city of Long Beach have always floated about, but now it seems that some higher level discussions have taken place. Annexation would mean the mashing together of two totally different entities that have two completely different reasons for existence. The annexation of Seaview by the city of Long Beach could only result in a negative impact on the character of Seaview.

In recent Chinook Observer articles, it was noted that it is those who came before us that have made Seaview “what it is today.” My husband and I chose to buy and to live in Seaview because of “what it is today.” And “what is” Seaview? Today, Seaview is a small unique neighborhood of historical homes, quiet streets, wonderful neighborhood camaraderie, beautiful rolling sand dunes, an ever changing shoreline, tall old trees and an abundance of wildlife. A common thread among Seaview homeowners is the sense of responsibility to maintain and preserve the Seaview that has been left in our charge. To preserve the character of Seaview and its very essence, Seaview homeowners must be vigilant and guard against measures that would threaten the character of Seaview.

We do not support the annexation of Seaview by the city of Long Beach or any action that would result in the development of the Seaview dunes or the wetlands, cause an increase in traffic congestion, cause an increase in short term rentals or would destroy any of the Seaview “what it is today” character.

We strongly encourage our Seaview friends and neighbors and all Seaview homeowners to attend, to ask questions, and to express their comments against annexation at the Seaview Community Town Hall meeting to be held on June 29 at 10:30 a.m. at the Ilwaco (Columbia Pacific) Heritage Museum.

Kathy Mathews


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