The Ocean Beach School Board would like to thank our community for coming together in this unprecedented time to support our students.

First off, to our students, we can only begin to imagine how difficult this time is for you. We encourage you to continue to persevere and work hard. We know that these are not the conditions that any of you expected or want to learn under. We are committed to continuing to find meaningful ways for you to learn, and we can’t wait for you to return to the classroom as much as health and safety guidance allows. Please know that this will not last forever, and you will get through this! Thank you for persevering.

To our parents and families, we understand that you are not only having to manage your children’s education more than you ever planned, you are having to manage the emotional and social challenges that they are facing due to the isolation the pandemic has created. It’s really hard. We are right there with you as we all have kids at home. Please know that we want our kids to be safe and healthy, to have a meaningful educational experience, and have the critical social experience that public school provides as much as safety allows. We are committed to these principles and to giving in person learning opportunities as much as is allowed by state and county health guidelines.

Finally, we’d like to thank our educators and everyone who works for our school district. The incredible work that you have done to pivot to online, hybrid and in person education has been nothing short of heroic. We thank you for your sleepless nights thinking about how to engage your students via zoom, your willingness to talk to a black screen because none of our kids have turned on their cameras, your ability to teach kids in person and online simultaneously, and your willingness to completely recreate how you do the critical work that you do. You are all working harder than ever and the reward that you typically receive; the smile on their faces, the giggles and lightbulb moments, aren’t there quite as much right now. Yet you are showing up every day and doing the hard work that needs to be done to increase student achievement, engagement and learning. You are our community’s superheroes.

So, thank you all! This is hard for all of us, and we are all looking forward to returning to in-person instruction and socialization as community health allows. Until then, we ask that you give each other grace and hope. Please assume best of intention on all parts. We are all just trying to survive through this, and we are all doing the best we can.






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