“A step away from the crowds”…who ever thought that line would prove to be prophetic? In late 2019, the Ocean Park Area Chamber agreed that adding the line would describe the area’s unique location and low-key experiences of open space, less crowded shops and restaurants and a quieter beach town visit. Then, BOOM, covid-19 strikes and the step away from the crowd felt more like a long distance journey with no end in sight.

We have endured the past months together as a community and what promises to be the end is finally on the horizon. Our business community has done what was needed to stop the spread of this vicious virus but at high cost to their livelihoods. Our local population has done what was needed to protect one and all. But now, as businesses begin a measured reopening, there is one more thing that can be done…put yourselves in the shoes of our local, small business owners. They are your neighbors and they are facing a hard road ahead. The lengthy business shut-down slowed the frightening health concerns and allowed medical facilities to prep and organize. But now, it is time for us all to take even more responsibility for our personal risk protection. Plan activities accordingly and if you feel the need remain separate from others longer, do so. It will take the best efforts of all of us to make reopening successful.

OPACC’s can help that process. The website has a new look and updated content. It is quick and easy to move around and by clicking on the Membership button on the top right, you will be taken to a categorized list of our members. Please note, the opening information found on each member’s page reflects “regular” hours. The current, reopening hours may be found by following members’ links to their individual websites or Facebook pages.

Events will be updated as soon as information comes in. We all know what a hit our favorite festivals and gatherings have taken this year. The latest Covid-19 news will be posted here and on our Facebook page. Sections on: History, Things To Do, Shopping, Dining and more offer great ideas to try locally and throughout the county and there are many more photos to dream over that show off our incredibly beautiful area between beach and bay.

OPWA.COM is a step away from the crowds but completely in touch with the area and all its wonderment. If you have timely information on happenings or events, please contact the Chamber with the information at: opchamber@opwa.com. All Chamber members are ready for a safe and steady reopening. Rest assured we will do all we can to protect locals and visitors during the process. We simply ask that you do the same. It has been too long… we’d hug you when we see you again, but hey, physical distancing for now. Welcome back.

BONNIE L. COZBY, President

Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce

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