Sandells express thanks

Doug and Kim Sandell are grateful for the community support during Doug's recent health crisis.

My wife, Kim, and I want to express our sincere appreciation for the response and support that was given once it was determined I would need a liver and kidney transplant. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the prayers and contributions we received during a time of need. We are blessed to live in such a community.

After my condition was diagnosed, we learned the medical costs would not be covered by my insurance. The rapidly mounting bills threatened to overwhelm us and we feared we might go under financially. The combination of both health and financial concerns created a dark time. I was concerned not only that my life would end but that I would leave my wife and family in financial ruin. The cards, letters and calls expressing hope, prayers and best wishes helped to boost my flagging spirit. The charitable contributions so willingly given provided light at the end of the tunnel and helped immensely to ease our financial worries. Eventually, we were able to obtain insurance that covered a large part of the medical costs from that point forward.

Special thanks to my fellow firefighters, EMT’s and their spouses at the Naselle Fire Station for all their efforts to hold a massive fundraising yard sale at the fire hall and to all the community members who donated items for the sale. Thanks to our local businesses and churches who were willing to collect donations on our behalf. Thanks to Harvey and Jeanine Johnson for all their support and understanding. Thanks to our local veterans and auxiliary members of American Legion Post 111 for hosting a fundraising breakfast. Thanks to all who sent us donations through the mail and online fundraising efforts. Thanks to the total stranger from California who happened to read about my situation in the Observer and sent a donation after he returned home. Thanks to all the medical personnel who were instrumental in saving my life. Thanks to Kim’s father and her brothers and their wives. Thanks to our children and their families for all the assistance they provided. We love you all. We are forever in your debt and will never forget the kindness and caring you displayed.

My recovery is going well, and I am slowly easing back into a normal life. I am now living proof of the value of the organ donor program and looking forward to more years of serving as fire chief at the Naselle Fire Station.



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