This letter is written to thank all of our areas amazing health care providers and first responders.

On Oct. 12, Columbus Day morning our world was turned upside down. Steven Bellinger called with Jim’s test results … “you are in acute renal failure and you have all the markers of Multiple Myeloma,” which was confirmed in the next week or so with more testing; Jim had the aggressive type.

We are very grateful to Mr. Bellinger PAC, Reanna Henrikson RN, Dr Dasai oncology at OHSU in Astoria and your support teams for making a path to follow out of the fear and darkness.

It was as if lightning struck again in the early morning of Oct. 3 at 4:30 a.m. Jim awoke in distress which woke me up to find he was having a heart attack. The EMTs on duty were Cory Bardonski and James Gaerlen who arrived in a blink of an eye while I was still on the 911 call. Their expertise in recognizing Jim was in a full blown stemi or widow maker heart attack (where an artery is suddenly and completely blocked), their calmness and speed in which they transported Jim to OBH where they stabilized him for the ride to the Providence Cardiac Care Unit saved his life. Cory and James, you saved two hearts that morning; Jim’s from dying and mine from breaking. Three stints later, Jim is doing well.

A special thanks to Reanna for arranging the angels at Harbors Home Health & Hospice. Our fabulous home care team, Brent, case manager and physical therapist; Dawn, assistant physical therapist; Kim, bath aid; and Kaylee, occupational therapist, you all brought professional expertise, hope, caring and more reasons for Jim to get stronger.

To everyone who has had a part in this journey, you are all angels and our heroes. God bless you for being who you are. Our community is so very lucky to have such wonderful resources right here close to home.

Merry Christmas!


Ocean Park

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