Our first year coordinating the Overnight Winter Lodging (OWL) was a huge success. This all-volunteer effort provided emergency shelter for 29 individuals experiencing homelessness on the Long Beach Peninsula during the winter months of 2016. In partnership with Coastal Community Action Program, several of these individuals were able to secure permanent housing and received job placement assistance. OWL was a joint effort led by Peninsula Poverty Response and in coordination with Coastal Community Action Program, Peninsula Church of the Nazarene, Peninsula Church Center, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Pacific County. We enjoyed the support of 70 volunteers who provided over 855 hours of services for OWL. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following individuals and organizations who contributed to the success of the Overnight Winter Lodging: Peninsula Church of the Nazarene (Karen Humber), Peninsula Church Center (Jim Tweedie), St. Mary’s Parish (Dick Wallace and Jerry Sadler), Ocean Park Camp & Retreat Center/ Methodist Camp (Brandon Scherer), Peninsula Baptist Church, Ocean Park Lutheran Church, Adrift Hotel/ Pickled Fish (Brady and Tiffany Turner), Peninsula Pharmacy, Pacific County, CCAP-Coastal Community Action Program (Jerri Hawks, Larry Alvarez and Nora LeBlanc), Long Beach Police Department, Dennis Company, Chinook Observer, KLEAN, Free by the Sea, His Supper Table, Americorps: Nichole Lopez, Adrienne Strehlow, Katie Lindstrom, Vinessa Karnofski, Dr. Tynkila, the Marcus Family, the OWL Task Force, our many dedicated volunteers.

We apologize to anyone we may have left out. Thank you to the entire community for supporting this worthwhile effort.

Overnight Winter Lodging Task Force

Peninsula Poverty Response

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