‘Give our beach pets a chance’

The South Pacific County Humane Society (SPCHS) thanks everyone who attended our “Give Our Beach Pets A Chance” medical fundraising event. As all cats and dogs before they are adopted are current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and receive medical care, medical expenses represent a significant part of our budget. A special thank you to the Peninsula Moose Lodge 2362 in Ocean Park for providing the event venue. Many thanks to the businesses and individuals who contributed silent auction items. Thank you to the Depot Restaurant, Lost Roo Restaurant, North Beach Tavern, Jack’s County Store, and Okie’s IGA for their food contributions — everything was excellent. Thank you to Astoria Co-op for the contributions to many of the silent auction items. Thank you to our DJ, Matt Barnes. Thank you Ginger Bish and the Charles Nelson Guest House for holding and distributing some of the silent auction items. A big thank you to the core team that brought the event to fruition: Keleigh Schwartz with beachdog.com, Patti Lee, Kathy Condron, and Sandy Clancy. Thank you to Mike Iwanciow and Debra Stolesen for their help with the silent auction items. Thank you to James Clancy for MCing our event and keeping the activities moving and attendees entertained. Thank you to the volunteers led by Patti Lee with the food preparation, everything tasted great: Diane Andrews, Kathy Condron, Karen Donahue, Jane Holeman, Joyce Lang, Rita Nicely, Ross and Bette Potter, and Deb Trost. Thank you to our dog mascot, Mickey Pozner and our cat mascot, Diane Andrews. Thank you to Robyn Handley for the slide show and to Chris Eros from Chris’ Custom Computers for working the connectivity. Thank you to Ruth Kristensen for the fantastic photos of the event. Thank you to Monica Morley for your great costume and selling the temporary tattoos. Many thanks to everyone helping with the set-up and take-down for the event: James and Sandy Clancy, Kathy Condron, John and Jack D’Agostino, Lanie Kary, Paul Lee, Steve and Lori Lindemann, Keith and Keleigh Schwartz, Jim Sherman, and Debra Stolesen. Thank you to the volunteers working during the event: Bev Arnoldy, Kathy Condron, Loretta Cook, Jane Holeman, Mike Iwanciow, Marie Maulden, Nancy McAllister, Magen Michaud, Eleanor Ramage, Merry Scharfe, Keith and Keleigh Schwartz, Jim Sherman, and Debra Stolesen.

Thank you everyone for a successful event supporting the medical needs of the homeless cats and dogs!

South Pacific County Humane Society Board of Directors

Long Beach

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