Last week my life was saved — or made a lot safer — by two people from the Pacific County Fire District No. 1 in Ocean Park. This letter is to let the community know how seriously these people took their jobs, and how grateful I am for what they did.

Pitou, my wife, and I are from Belgium. We are here for the fourth year in a row for a two-month holiday with our dear friends on the Peninsula. Both Pitou and I are retired. I am 73 and have a heart condition.

Tuesday, Sept. 3, I woke up feeling uncomfortable. According to a dear friend this could be an indication of a heart attack. This got Pitou and myself worried. To find out what the problem was, our friend took us to the EMT team of the Ocean Park Fire Department.

I had the good fortune to fall into the capable hands of Fire Chief Jacob Brundage and Assistant Chief Brad Weatherby. After a thorough investigation including the use of a heart monitor they admitted they couldn’t find what was wrong, but strongly advised us to have it further investigated by a doctor.

To cut a long story short, the doctors used their skills and specialized equipment to find out precisely what was going on with me. My appendix was swollen and about to rupture and infect my whole abdomen. I had to be operated on immediately. However, due to my heart condition, they could not take me on and advised me to seek help in a specialized facility.

An ambulance took me in the middle of night to the medical center of St. Vincent in Beaverton. About 10 hours later, the wonderful team of Dr. York and his staff took very good care of my problem.

My story might have ended a lot worse — with death as a strong possibility — if it wasn’t for the dedication and the care of two members of the Ocean Park Fire Department. Thank you Jacob, thank you Brad. Keep up the good work that you do for the people of Ocean Park.


Brussels, Belgium

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