I see on the news where this woman is on a hunger strike for orca awareness. Not much sense there.

Also try as humans might, you can’t make the orcas eat what they won’t or don’t want. Only Chinook salmon? Would you the reader die cause you can’t have steak? Case in point, beef only get fed alfalfa. Then the bales of alfalfa are gone. Farmer feeds them grass hay. They don’t like it but they eat it or starve.

Maybe the orcas should go to Catalina Island down in California and learn from the boys down there how to adjust and eat seals. Maybe change diet and go to Astoria for some sea lion to go. Chinook salmon every four years? I guess they’ll have to wait. I’m sure a 2,000-pound sea lion would feed an orca for a day or two.

Anyways, have a good day.



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