On behalf of the Oysterville Community and the Oysterville Restoration Foundation, we would like to pay special tribute to Chuck Messing, our friend and neighbor, who died on Dec. 27, 2021.

He lived outside of town on the way to the beach and had a home business, repairing lawnmowers — all kinds. For more years than most of us can remember, Chuck kept the lawn mowers of the area in good repair but, most importantly, Chuck, himself, mowed lawns. He kept the Oysterville Restoration Foundation properties looking tidy for 30 years or more and made sure that the churchyard was not only mowed every week during the growing season, but that it got an extra spiffing up before each summer Vespers or wedding or other upcoming event.

"Anything special happening at the church this coming week?" he'd call out from the seat of his bright red rider-mower. We never saw him write a note to himself nor do we remember him double-checking a date, but he never missed one that we know of. As his health began to deteriorate, he'd sometimes share his latest "news" — a surgery or exploratory something-or-other. He seldom complained — would just shake his head and say, "Old age ain't for sissies, you know."

It won't be the same in Oysterville without you, Chuck! You were one of a kind — one of the good guys with a huge heart and a gigantic capacity for caring about the rest of us. The lawns of the Great Beyond will be the better for you being there!



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