My complaint is there is a woman that lives in Ocean Park that had a brain injury and has short-term memory loss. This woman has 17 cats in her home and two dogs out in a fenced area.

This woman forgets to feed her animals. I was going over to feed her pets every day until some known meth heads got a hold of this woman and turned her against me, so I was told by a sheriff's deputy that I could not step foot on her property anymore.

The dogs suffer due to not getting fed regularly. But each time the sheriff's office is called, the deputies say the dogs still look healthy, so there isn’t anything they can do.

This woman also has a older sickly cat, which needs to be put down, but the woman told her sister she had no money to do that, so she could kill it with a hammer.

The sheriff's office was called again about all of this and again I'm told the "dogs aren't skinny, so there isn't anything we can do." Told the deputy about the cat, and the deputy’s reply was, “she can just take the cat out back and shoot it with a 22.” A person from the humane society has been trying daily to get the old cat, but this woman refuses to open her door.

It's disgusting that we here in this community have no way to not only take these animals away from this woman, but the law states the animals have to suffer or worse yet, die before anything can be done. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, because I can't stand to see animals suffer and I surely believe a person that can't care for animals should not be allowed to have them. This woman is on the “no-adoption” list nationwide; that should say something.


Ocean Park

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