I know this doesn’t really require any response, but I have a little time and can answer a few questions from my friend in contention, Mr. Scot Calhoun.

There are two things I’d like to address from his recent rebuttal letter. One is how I changed the narrative about Trump’s covid response, and the other is how he had "proved me wrong" on Glass-Stegall.

Scot’s original letter was about a laundry list of “lies” from Trump that I only interpret to discredit Trump through negative association. We all heard those statements the first time, so there’s no other sane reason to repeat them.

My response remains that the President has to look at the big picture in all issues and make his choices for the country as a whole. In other words, he isn’t going to shut down the whole country unless deemed absolutely necessary. January and February were a pretty short time to get enough information to make that huge a decision about such a new virus. I knew all along some of those were stall tactics, but I also knew he would do the right thing when the time was right. And he did.

My grandmother told of being a young girl during the Spanish flu crisis, and how every week or so there’d be an empty desk at school with the teacher stating that student wouldn’t return. How they dealt with it was with maximum hygiene, but they still went to school every day. But the one thing they didn’t do was defame the president for it, for some sort of minuscule political gain. That generation had a depth of character which is sorely missed.

In summary, it wasn’t necessary to directly answer Scot’s laundry list of lies. As stated, we already knew that and instead I approached it differently. Either it was too obscure for him to make the connection or he didn’t want to, as he has his own agenda.

My space here is growing short — I guess I’ll have to later readdress how Bill Clinton, with veto authority, wasn’t responsible (according to Scot) for signing that banking deregulation bill that caused the great recession.



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