It makes me sad when I read a letter such as the one written by Donna Moore in last week's Observer. Sad because I'd like to think most people are well enough informed to come to rational conclusions about the world around them. Sad because one has to totally ignore reality to allow themselves to reach such a level of misunderstanding as was on display in her letter.

Moore's letter read like a script from the Hannity show or headlines ripped from Breitbart. Her claims are not only false, they are filled with partisan hate and fearmongering. She has no idea what contact tracing actually is or how important it is to combating covid-19. So, not being able to discern the truth herself, she is willing to believe what she has been told by someone else.

Sadly, Moore is not alone in the fog of ignorance that envelopes millions of people. She can readily find others who share her lack of intellect and a proclivity to accept falsehoods as truth, even in the White House. This willingness to believe only that which fits their personal opinion, whether it is true or not, leaves them open to manipulation by those who would take advantage of their partisan prejudice.

What we are seeing in people like Moore, as well as from the president himself, are displays of partisan prejudice. Much like racial prejudice, those who engage in partisan prejudice are driven by ignorance and self indulgence. The Republican Party has weaponized partisan prejudice by promoting false narratives and pitting us against them, as if we are enemies. They rely on the innate ignorance that permeates much of this country and their own willingness to lie repeatedly, with the intent of "otherizing" the opposition. They have savvy accomplices in right-wing media, who push all manner of nonsense to sway political opinion while spreading fear and division.

Until we make major changes to our education system, those less intellectually capable will continue to be easy targets for those who promote ignorance and the prejudice it facilitates.

Make America smart again!


Long Beach

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