An open letter to Gov. Jay Inslee, Pacific County Tourism Bureau, Chinook Observer and the Chinook Indian Nation regarding covid-19 and the abuse of nature in Washington state:

I subscribed to the Chinook Observer as a way to learn about the area, and to decide where to spend my time and money.

The July 8 issue contained some of the most shocking coverage I’ve ever seen, concerning the total abuse and exploitation of the beach area.

What is more shocking is that Washington state, from the governor’s office down to the towns’ visitors centers, have a consensus in their attitude that this is normal and acceptable.

This is not just the fault of “outsiders.” It is all of you, with the exception of the First Peoples, the Chinook Indian Nation, who have existed and been excellent caretakers of this region for thousands of years. But because of your historical abuse and exploitation of them also, you are blind to this fact.

In another article, it’s described how the “Indians” caught most of the fish in the area 100 years ago, were poorly paid and not even allowed on the “property” of the person they were “working” for.

I’ve included two photos from this issue, to visually illustrate the contrast between Washington and Oregon beaches. I’m so glad I chose to live in Oregon. I’ve also included a chart that illustrates the connection between the abuse/exploitation of nature and covid-19.

This chart clearly shows how increased exploitation by humans has increased the frequency and severity of pandemics in the last 200 years when the First Peoples were no longer the caretakers of nature in this country.

Coincidence? I think not. This is how Mother Nature defends herself.

With the exception of the Chinook Indian Nation, I will no longer be spending any money in Washington. That includes the newspaper. Although I like this paper, I cannot, in good conscience, support any business that is involved in perpetuating the rape of Mother Earth, our one and only planet.


Wilsonville, Oregon (Kalapuya land)

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