Once again, I see the fireworks tents being assembled. I don’t believe that the minority on the Long Beach Peninsula (money changers) have once again managed to go against the will of the majority, and allow fireworks to again cause many problems to the Peninsula’s residents, emergency services and police agencies.

If I remember correctly, last year some sort of poll was taken regarding the “fireworks” issue, resulting in the majority of the people polled wanting changes to the current Fourth of July celebration practices. If you can’t figure out why many cities in the United States have put a fireworks’ ban on private displays, just turn on your emergency services/police scanner during the Fourth of July holiday and this question will be easily answered.

Living in a tourist area, we must all make certain concessions (including the money changers). None of the other tourist-generating happenings on the Peninsula are being contested. I believe that this is because residents of the Peninsula have the option to avoid the events, but nobody here can avoid the loud and constant noise of the fireworks, and the big mess that the residents clean up on July 5. The ones who collect the tourist dollars are the only ones that directly benefit from this celebration, while everyone else sacrifices.

This area has many retirees as residents. Many people have dogs and other pets that respond very negatively to the noise that this unnecessary form of celebration brings. What about the wildlife here? How does this harm them?

Instead of having a small group of business owners making these holiday decisions (and any other decisions), it is my belief that each resident and money changer should have representation consistent with the population of each. This way democracy, not greed will make the decisions.

If your business will be made or broken by this one day of the year, then maybe you should try another business or move to another area. Do you think that any celebration is the main reason that tourists visit here?


Ocean Park

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