Due to the threat and constraints of the coronavirus, the GrassRoots Garbage Gang will not organize the usual beach cleanup on July 5. In the interests of keeping everyone safe, GRGG, State Parks and City of Long Beach will provide some support for people to clean up after themselves and their fireworks. To get the remaining trash off the beach, we will rely on visitors and community to pitch in. Some Adopt-a-Beach groups will clean their sections and we will count on volunteers to grab a bag and devote an hour or so to scouring an area on their own time.

City of Long Beach will be handing bags out to volunteers on July 4 at Sid Snyder and Bolstad beach approaches; on other days, the city will set bags out by the dumpsters. Dumpsters will be set at all major approaches from July 3 through July 6 for volunteers to deposit filled bags. Whenever possible, cleaners should remove their filled bags from the beach, but if not possible, the bags should be left at the high tide line for collection by a GRGG volunteer truck, who will see that they end up in a dumpster.

Since we won’t be going out in our usual force, and we have some unadopted beach sections that will need attention, we are asking for volunteers. If you can donate some of your time helping to return the beach to its clean and safe condition, please contact Wendy at wendy@nwifservices.com or leave a message at 360-642-0033 for a return call. She can tell you which areas aren’t being covered and where you can be of most help. As with other activities during this pandemic, we are staying safely apart while we’re all in this together. Cleaning the beach can be done while maintaining social distances, and being outside in clean, salty air is healthful. Give it a try!


On behalf of Grassroots Garbage Gang

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