Let Common Sense Rule

I have, for the first time in my life, concerns for my safety in a country that I always thought was structured to protect my person and my rights.

Interviews held with college students indicate that professors are teaching their belief that riots and violence are an acceptable means of communication. Although the senseless murder of an American citizen in an attempt to enforce law is an inexcusable tragedy, responding with violence and riots is wrong. In fact, the family of George Floyd has spoken out in order to stop this insane reaction and not damage his memory by defining him in this way. These violent acts were not committed in order to honor the victim but to forward their agenda.

I am thankful that our president operates from the common-sense approach due to his background in business vs. politics. The American people and their businesses deserve protection, not a "gentle approach." If the elected officials in any state are not able to provide this, then President Trump’s plan to send in military support was the correct response. If that state can’t get the job done, send in a force that can. And this does comply with the Anti-Riot Act because the ones doing the rioting were coming in from out of state.

Who are we voting for? A council member of Minneapolis says “there will be no more police force.” With no police support, our businesses and the poor neighborhoods will be at the highest risk. Our president has the right approach, learn from mistakes, make necessary changes and move on. Don’t throw out our protection!

Increase funding for police!


Long Beach

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